Guangzhou Xin Cheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd.  Chinese medicine heritage achievements, dedicated to promoting the field of cosmetic medicine and breakthroughs.

 Xin Cheng is a set of product development, production, sales and service for a modern Chinese cosmetics company. Chinese family company's unique formula, based on ancient Chinese classics beauty recipes for a system to collate, summarize and practice, can be used to explore the herbal skin treatment and care as much on several Subway, self-developed "Xin process "beauty products but also covers two major areas of Chinese medicine treatment and maintenance of more than 100 varieties of 14 major series.

 Xin Cheng's reasonable use of the three major technical advantages, first brewed rice wine from the inspired arts and crafts in the domestic cosmetics industry's first herbal fermentation technology, to capture the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine can not easily be absorbed through the skin problems; followed by the use of Italian Funi Si tip of herbal medicine plant extracts low-temperature activity and high penetration of technology, efficiency and effective herbal ingredients to retain the integrity of; using Chinese herbal medicine on behalf of the current highest level of quality control techniques; quality of Chinese herbal medicine fingerprint similarity measurement , the harvesting and processing of herbs, processing time to the production process of each production process, strict quality control in order to excellence in product quality lay in the fields market leading position.

 The company "sincere actions, metal and stone," the pride, determined to be healthy and beautiful Chinese beauty culture to every corner of the world.